You Tube footage of a Surfers Paradise busker punching a heckler in the face goes viral

A BOXING busker has lived out every street performer’s fantasy and become a global internet star in the process after punching an annoying pest in the face.

Video of a Queensland busker David Mulder punching a heckler in the face has become a hit in more ways than one, going viral and racking up more than 400,000 views in a matter of hours.

In the 35 second YouTube video, uploaded last night, Mr Mulder is shown doing his routine on Surfers Paradise shopping strip Cavill Ave, before being taunted by a male passer by.

After being poked and prodded for 20 seconds, even receiving a saliva-soaked finger in his ear, Mr Mulder finally snaps and punches the young man in the face, to gasps from the crowd.

The ultimate professional, Mr Mulder did not miss a beat and immediately resumed his statue routine.

Busker punch

The man taunted the busker on Cavil Ave in Surfers Paradise.


Mr Mulder was back at his post in Cavill Ave last night and said he was not proud of lashing out but could only take so much.

“He was in the wrong, but at the same time I was in the wrong for striking out,” he said.

“Violence is never vindicated.”

He said he would even apologise to the man if they crossed paths again. Mr Mulder has been busking in Surfers Paradise for five years and has encountered few problems in the past.

Busker punch

The man poked and prodded the busker as he performed for shoppers.

Other street performers said the bizarre incident was the inevitable result of years of tolerating antagonistic antics from hecklers and pests.

“We put up with so much crap,” said one.

“It was probably only a matter of time before somebody popped.”

Brisbane student Richard Choeun, 21, said he was “shocked” to capture the incident while filming his 12-year-old cousin interacting with the busker on a family holiday last Saturday.

Busker punch

After being taunted for about 20 seconds, the busker lost it and punched the man in the face.

“When it happened we stopped recording because we were a bit concerned, the guy was bleeding from the mouth,” he said.

“He walked over to his friends, he stood there for a bit and then he just walked away. I think he knew he was being an idiot.

“The busker pretty much just went back to his performance, he was great.

“Everyone in the crowd was really shocked, they didn’t say anything, they were really surprised. I think they knew that he deserved it so they didn’t really care.”

Gold Coast busker

Statue busker David Mulder back on the street after becoming an internet sensation after punching a heckler in Surfers Paradise after being tormented. Picture: Adam Head

Mr Choeun said he was “very surprised” when the video went viral, prompting phone calls and emails from global media organisations such as NBC and The Huffington Post.

“I only uploaded it for fun to show my Facebook friends, then I wake up and there’s like 10,000 views on it and I’m being contacted by media,” he said.

2 thoughts on “You Tube footage of a Surfers Paradise busker punching a heckler in the face goes viral

  1. Everyone has had a say about this in the last couple of days from ex police to ya everyday thug who thinks this type of behaviour is ok( no points for guessing my opinion on this ) but really would any one who thinks doing that to a busker is ok would let this slide if it were done to them Anyone who thinks its ok is probably the type of person who does’nt like police or law & order. We all know the type who hate cops & abuse police,or ambo’s.I’d like to ask all these ferals,these anti-establishment types who would stop them from being harmed, assulted, robbed, if we did’nt have the police,what they’d do if they think they’re so bad or tough,them & their mates or gang, there is always someone tougher.No not the hells angels or rebels ,there’s worse like organised criminals or terrorists.I think they would run home to mum if some of these turned up to dish out their law for harrasing in public.What the busker did is wrong too but i don’t think he’d get in trouble for lashng out at this guy,

    • I totally support the busker and his actions. How would the guy feel if the busker came into his workspace, licked his finger and put it into his ear? The guy would more than likely punch the busker as well.

      Props to the busker =)

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